Mya Ayer Company is a family business operating since 1986. A veteran in the coconut oil industry, it has been supplying products to the domestic market. Since 2016, the company has been innovating and diversifying its product line with high end organic extra virgin coconut oils. It has expanded its business, adheres to high professional and ethical standards and has rebuilt its production facilities in line with international requirements.

Myanmar coconut has its own specific qualities: the coconut water is refreshingly fruity and tangy and less sweet than other varieties. Growing coconut palms is a virgin industry, in naturally-growing stands without any commercial plantations to threaten natural ecosystems and sustainable forestry.

We want to build from this situation of unspoiled nature and create sustainable business for smallhold farmers, developing a coconut paradise on Man-Aung Island .

Mya Ayer's founder, Mr Soe Myint, is still active as chairman of the company. Managing Director Mr Ye Htut Htake has completed studies in the UK.

While modernizing and adapting to international requirements, we have kept the foundations of our business intact: a focus on quality and a commitment to our people. We are a family business including our suppliers and workers. Myanmar comes late into international markets. We see this as an opportunity to pioneer new business models, combining value for the customer with ecological standards and welfare for farmers and workers.

Our business is responsible and we support CSR projects in education, training, healthcare and disaster relief. Our projects have been endorsed by international organizations in Myanmar.

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